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♦ MAZDA Chip Keys


The following MAZDA models are equipped with transponder based systems. Some models do not use transponders with 4-cylinder engines.

  • 2004+ 3
  • 2006+ 5
  • 2004+ 6
  • 1998+ 626
  • 1999+ B-Series P/U (optional)
  • 2013+ CX5
  • 2006+ CX7
  • 2006+ CX9
  • 2000+ Miata / MX5 (optional)
  • 2000+ MPV (optional)
  • 2001+ Tribute
  • 2004+ RX8
    The Tribute and B-Series pickups use Ford keys and a Ford system. We can duplicate and originate keys to all vehicles using the Ford based systems.

    The 1998-'99 626 keys may have the chip code cloned to a properly cut replacement key. 2000+ Mazda keys can be programmed using an on-boad procedure if the user has two existing programmed keys. If only one key or no keys are available, a programming procedure must be performed.

    Also, many later Mazda vehicles may use a Passive Entry, Passive Start fob instead of a bladed transponder key with a chip.

    We are able to progam keys to virtually all Mazdas.

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