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♦ JAGUAR Chip Keys


Jaguar began using transponder keys in 1998 on the XJ and XK. In 2000, all the models use transponder chip keys.

Jaguar transponder keys are a specially cut high security key with angled cuts. The locks and keys are made by Tibbe, and there are relatively few locksmiths with the capability of cutting these keys. However, we have had the capability to cut Tibbe keys since their first use in this country in 1988 on the Mercur Scorpio.

Keys for the 1998-'99 XJ and XK may have the chip code cloned to a properly cut replacement key. Keys for 2000+ vehicles cannot be cloned. If only one key is available, we must program additional keys with our diagnostic equipment.

We are able to duplicate and originate virtually all Jaguar transponder keys.

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