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Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Jeep began using transponder chip keys in 1998. Transponder based systems are standard on some models, and optional on others. If your key has a gray or tan colored rubber head, it has a transponder.

The following models are equipped with transponder keys:

  • 1999+ 300M
  • 2011+ 200
  • 2005+ 300C6
  • 2007-'09 Aspen 626
  • 2008+ Avenger
  • 1998-'00 Breeze (optional)
  • 2007+ Caliber
  • 2001+ Caravan ('01-07 optional)
  • 2009+ Challenger
  • 2005+ Charger
  • 2006-'10 Commander
  • 2007-'10 Compass
  • 1998 Sebring Convertible
  • 1998-'01 Cherokee (optional)
  • 1998-'04 Concorde (optional)
  • 2004-'08 Crossfire
  • 2001+ Dakota ('01-'10 optional)
  • 2001-'09 Durango (optional)
  • 1998 Sebring Convertible
  • 1998+ Grand Cherokee ('98 optional)
  • 2009+ Journey
  • 2005 Liberty ('02-04 optional)
  • 1999-'01 LHS (optional)
  • 2005-'08 Magnum
  • 2000-'05 Neon (optional)
  • 2007-'11 Nitro
  • 2004-'08 Pacifica
  • 2007+ Patriot
  • 2004-'08 PT Cruiser (optional)
  • 2001+ Ram ('01-'10 optional)
  • 2001-'05 Sebring 2-Dr. Hardtop
  • 1999+ Sebring 4-Dr. (optional)
  • 1998 Sebring Convertible Optional
  • 1999-'06 Stratus 4-Dr. (optional)
  • 2001+ Town & Country ('01-'03 optional)
  • 2001+ Voyager ('01-'03 optional)
  • 1998+ Wrangler ('98-'06)

    The Crossfire is a Mercedes in disguise. Transponders are programmed when the car is built, and keys are ordered through the dealer.

    The Sebring 2-Dr. hardtop and Stratus 2-Dr. cars are Mitsubishi's in disguise, and Mitsubishi programming applies.

    kansas city chip keys

    In 2004, Chrysler introduced keys with the remote built in the head of the key. Most models switched to the new remote head key in the years following. The keys are more expensive of course, but alternately a non-remote key can be used in their place.

    In 2008, Chrysler introduced the FOBIK key which has no key blade, and incorporates a remote that fits into a socket which is the igntion lock. These are also more expensive, however there is a non-remote "POD" key for these applications as well. A "Keyless Go" proximity version of the Fobik is also used on some vehicles, which is a pushbutton-start option.

    In 2011 Chrysler introduced a new proximity fob (pushbutton-start) on a few models that is different than the Fobik style.

    Chrysler, etc. cars may have additional keys added using a simple on-board procedure, only if the user has two existing keys which are already programmed. If there is only one key available, the vehicle must be connected to diagnostic equipment to add keys. Chrysler began eliminating the two-key on-board programming feature in 2010 for some cars, though certain models still have it.

    An exception to the above is the 2-door Stratus and 2-door Sebring. These use Mitsubishi style locks, and program according to Mitsubishi protocol. The two-key programming method will not work with the 2000-'01 years.

    If all keys are lost, a proper transponder key needs to be originated, and the vehicle needs to be connected to diagnostic programming equipment.

    We are able to duplicate and originate virtually all Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Jeep chip keys.

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