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  • BMW began using transponder systems on all models built after January 1, 1995, with the exception of some 3 Series, which followed shortly.
  • Mercedes uses transponder systems on all 1997 and up models.
  • Volvo uses transponder immobilization on all cars 1999 and up, except for the large trucks.

    Currently, all three of these auto makers have general control of replacement keys.

    BMW uses a "rolling code" transponder that changes value each time the key is used. There are 10 unique chips programmed into the immobilization system when each car is manufactured. A certain number of keys are provided when the car is purchased, and additional keys must be ordered through a dealer. Once all 10 keys are supplied, there can be no more provided and certain components of the immobilizer system must be replaced.

    Mercedes uses a rolling code system similar in nature to BMW, with keys ordered through Mercedes distribution.

    Volvo uses a proprietary system which requires the vehicle to be connected to dealership diagnostic equipment for key programming.

    It is possible to furnish keys for these cars without the dealer, but the processes involved are often more cumbersome and costly than the dealer. There are a certain circumstances where it may be practical for our service, but generally it is better to simply procure additional keys through the respective dealership network.

    With some of these models, methods are available to furnish keys by special means such as removing the immobilizer and creating keys from data in the electronics. This may be applicable in certain emergency situations but is not practical for providing duplicate keys.

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